Timothy Dudley-Smith: Hymn Writer


A House of Praise 2:
Collected Hymns 2002-2013

376 pp. pbk.

ISBN 978-0-19-340377-2 (UK) [OUP]
ISBN TBC (US) [Hope]

Published: April 2015.

Oxford University Press, as publishers, give this description:

"A House of Praise brings together the collected hymn texts of one of the most respected and widely published contemporary English hymn-writers. Timothy Dudley-Smith has been writing hymn texts for more than 50 years and is represented in countless hymnals throughout the English-speaking world. This second part to the collected edition A House of Praise contains hymns written since 2002 (hymn Nos.286-435) and texts from three earlier books (A Door for the Word, Praise to the Name, and Beyond our Dreaming), revised and updated. The volume presents the definitive text of hymns, arranged thematically, and Notes and comprehensive Indexes."


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