Timothy Dudley-Smith: Hymn Writer


Forewords and Introductions

Timothy Dudley-Smith also contributes a Foreword or Introduction to the following publications:

Light upon the River by Christopher M. Idle
St Matthias Press & Hope Publishing Company, 1998
ISBN 1-873166-72-9
326 pp.
[Hope] [WorldCat]

The collected hymn texts of this widely-published author with extensive notes and indexes.

An Annotated Anthology of Hymns by J.R. Watson
Oxford University Press, 2002
ISBN 0-19-826973-0
452 pp.
[OUP] [WorldCat]

The texts of 250 hymns, from the early centuries to the present day, edited with commentary by J.R. Watson, Emeritus Professor of English and Emeritus Public Orator of the University of Durham.

Partners in Creation by Fred Pratt Green
Stainer & Bell & Hope Publishing Company, 2003
ISBN 0-85249 878 0 (excluding US & Canada)
0 916642 73 9 (US & Canada)
214 pp.
[Hope] [WorldCat]

A compilation by Bernard Braley, friend and editor of Fred Pratt Green, comprising 166 texts by this dinstinguished hymnwriter, with notes and indexes, and an addendum of tunes to them, mainly by contemporary composers. The definitive collection of this writer's work.

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