Timothy Dudley-Smith: Hymn Writer


Beyond Our Dreaming:
36 new hymns written between 2008 and 2011

76 pp. pbk.

ISBN-10: 978-0-19-338001-1 [OUP]
ISBN-13: 7-63628-185503 [Hope]

Published: 2012

Beyond Our Dreaming brings together thirty-six new hmyns written betwen 2008 and 2011 spanning seasons and services throughout the church's year, with full introduction, comprehensive notes on each text including suggested tunes, and the following indexes. Those marked 'cumulative' include every hymn text from all this author's collections:

  • Index of Biblical references
  • Metrical index
  • Index of suggested tunes
  • Index of themes and subjects
  • Cumulative index of themes and subjects
  • Cumulative index of first lines
  • Index of first lines


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